Sunday, November 6, 2011

The New GSB420 Blog

After several months, even years, of inactivity, I've decided to revive and revise this blog and restructure it in a logical sequence, rather than continue with the reverse chronological order which is the standard format for blogs. My goal is to make it easier for readers to find the material that they're looking for.

Therefore, this will be the top-most entry in the blog and it will contain a table of contents with links to the articles in the logical order in which you will probably want to learn them - starting from basic principles and working towards more complex concepts. It will take me some time to complete this restructructing, so please be patient.

I've also decided to update the individual entries in the blog and remove references that are specific to the class when I took it in 2008. Those comments are no longer relevant.

I hope you enjoy this blog and benefit from it. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at eliezerappleton at gmail dot com.

Lecture 1
Basic Definitions
Presentational Statistics
Descriptive Statistics
Quiz #1
Lecture 1 - Additional Notes and Research

Lecture 2
Using Standard Deviation
Shape of the Distribution
Correlating Two Sets of Data
More on Covariance and Correlation Coefficient
Sample vs. Population
Basic Probability
Conditional Probability
Pop quiz #2
Post-lecture 2 notes and research

Lecture 3
Bayes's Theorem
Counting Rules
Discrete Random Variables
Binomial Distribution
Poisson Distribution

Lecture 4
Continuous Random Variables
The Normal Distribution
The Standard Normal Distribution

Lecture 5
The Standard Normal Distribution (continued)
Checking for Normality
Sampling Distributions
Confidence Interval Estimation

Lecture 6
Confidence Interval for the Mean with Known Std Dev
Confidence Interval for the Mean with Unknown Std Dev
Confidence Interval for the Mean - Examples and Minitab
Determining Sample Size
Hypothesis Testing
One-Tail Hypothesis Testing

Lecture 7 - Linear Regression
Simple Linear Regression
The Least Squares Method
Assumptions in the Method of Least Squares
Coefficient of Determination

Lecture 8 - Residual Analysis
Definition of Residual Analysis
Checking Linearity
Checking the Normality Assumption
Checking the Equal Variance Assumption
Checking Independence of Errors
Inferences About the Regression Slope - Part 1
Inferences About the Regression Slope - Part 2
Confidence Interval for Ŷ

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