Thursday, March 13, 2008

Final Exam Study Guide - Last Minute Notes

Just a couple of last minute thoughts:

  • There were no example problems that used the Durbin-Watson statistic. That doesn't mean it won't be on the exam! The D-W table is part of the formula sheet, so I'm expecting a question on it.
  • Remember that if DW is less than dL, there's autocorrelation. If it's between dL and dU, it's inconclusive. If it's between dU and 2+dL, there's no autocorrelation. I doubt we'll be asked about the range from 2-4.
  • Review how to read those Minitab outputs! There's bound to be at least one on the exam. Remember that in Minitab output, SS stands from Sum of Squares. S stands for SYX. The Coefficient of the Intercept is b0. The Coefficient of the other (independent) variable is b1. SE stands for standard error.
  • There weren't any practice problems on the confidence interval for mean/individual Y. I would expect one of those since the formulas are on the sheet. He'll probably give us hi and SXY. Remember to use n-2 when looking up the value for t in this case.
  • Remember that most of the answers can be derived from the data in the question and the formula sheet. You're not really expected to memorize very much. If you can't figure it out, look at the formula sheet.
  • Remember to bring a copy of the formula sheet, a calculator and a #2 pencil. Don't laugh! I forgot a pencil for the midterm and ran out to Walgreen's a half hour before the exam.

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