Monday, March 10, 2008

Final Exam Study Guide - Analysis of Prior Exam Questions

Looking at last quarter's exam gives us some insight as to what to expect on our final. The most important piece is that it provides practice questions at the level we'll be expected to perform. It is extremely worthwhile to do these problems on your own and make sure you understand the answer.*

Another interesting insight that we gain from the sample exam is the distribution of questions. Here's what I came up for the number of questions per chapter and the number of points associated with those questions:

Mult Short Total
Chapter Choice Answer Points
7 6 0 12
8 5 1 20
9 8 1 26
12 6 3 42

We'll probably have a few questions from Chapter 6 thrown in, but those will probably be relatively easy compared to the more advanced material. These numbers tell me one thing for sure: Chapter 12 is really important!

*For the record: If you noticed that I didn't stick around for the in-class review off the sample final on Thursday, it's not because I think I know all this stuff! Just the opposite. Almost all of this material is new to me and I wanted to work through all the questions on my own without having heard the answer already solved by someone else.

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