Monday, January 7, 2008

Lecture 1 - Introduction

Our first GSB 420 class was last Thursday night. We met our teacher, Cemil Selcuk, and found out that his first name is pronounced "je-mil". I think he also said that his last name is pronounced "sel-juk".

We'll have the Depaul standard:
4 lectures
Midterm (35%)
5 lectures
Final (45%)

The other 20% of the grade is:
Homework (15%)
>= 5 in-class pop quizzes (5%)

We'll be using Minitab in this class. I'm excited about that! I always like to learn new tools, especially powerful tools for number crunching. I would really have liked to get the student edition of SPSS, but I guess that's asking for too much. :) A few of the people in class didn't get Minitab included in their text. Bummer. They need to get it.

Surprisingly, math review (algebra and calculus) is going to be an optional, time-permitting lecture. I would have expected those topics at the very beginning of the first lecture, but I'm kinda glad that we're not even doing it. At least there are some expectations that we need to come in with a baseline of knowledge about the subject.

For anyone who needs the reviews, I found some good notes at Prof. Timothy Opiela's web site. He teaches this course frequently, but not this quarter. Here's a link to his site: Opiela GSB 420.


Sarah said...

I can't believe how much information you have gathered. You must be a born statistics lover. Thank you for sharing this information with the class.
-Sarah Clarin

Cosmic_Tantrik said...

Great work..This will be definitely of great help to all of us!!

Patrick said...

Thanks for putting this all together.

I was able to get the Minitab software but not the data CD.

However, I was able to find the data on the website for the textbook.

The powerpoint presentations are also available here, but I think Prof Selcuk does some editting prior to class.